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Heavy-duty shaft collars feature larger outside diameters, widths and screws for applications requiring the highest holding forces. They are manufactured in one and two-piece clamps. The clamped design will not damage the shaft, which is easily removable, and can be adjusted indefinitely. It is commonly used for guiding, spacing, stopping, mounting and component alignment.


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Ever-power Large Bore Heavy Duty Shaft Collar Features

  • Larger screw, outside diameter, width to increase holding power
  • Stainless steel and black oxide material for mine finish and increased holding power
  • Two halves of split collar are kept together throughout the manufacturing process for a proper fit
  • Hardware tests beyond ANSI standards
  • Groove indentifies precision faced worksurface

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Heavy Duty Shaft Collar Advantages

A heavy-duty shaft collar has many advantages over a standard collar. For example, it can withstand shock loads without shifting. Also, it can be used with undercut shafts for added stability. A clamp collar also makes it easier to adjust and preload the component. In addition, it can withstand constant loads and shocks.

A shaft collar’s main purpose is to support the shaft during operation. These оковратници вратила come in two basic types: set screw collars and clamp collars. Set screw collars are secured via a set screw that presses into the shaft. This style offers good holding power because it has an even compressive force around the shaft. Besides, it’s compatible with all shaft materials, which is another advantage.

The larger the outer diameter of the shaft collar, the larger the screw that holds it in place. However, larger screws may lead to excessive diameter or width, which will have a negative impact on holding power. Larger collars also require more torque to bend. And because they’re bigger, they increase the static load caused by gravity.

Two-piece shaft collars also offer better holding power. A two-piece shaft collar is able to handle greater axial load than a single-piece collar. It can also be a more balanced option, which is especially beneficial for high-speed rotational applications.

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Heavy Duty Split Shaft Collar Performance

The performance of a heavy-duty shaft collar depends in part on the materials used for its construction. For instance, the screw used will have a direct effect on the collar’s holding power. This holding power is dependent on the screw’s ability to penetrate the shaft’s material. Another aspect that impacts holding power is the screw’s angular relationship to the shaft.

Heavy-dutyshaft collars are available in a wide range of materials. Carbon steel with proprietary black oxide finish is common and the bore sizes range from 3-1/16″ to 6″. They are also available in special designs. Large Bore Shaft CollarEver-power, a company that manufactures shaft collars for industrial and construction applications, offers a wide range of products. We can also provide customization services. Contact us now!